An investigation into factors affecting performance of social studies in primary schools in Busaba Sub-County, Butaleja District

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Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The topic of this research was "an investigation into the factors affecting performance in social studies in Busaba Sub-County in Butaleja District". The objectives of the study were to : find out the most effective and efficient methods of teaching social studies in primary schools, the type of instructional materials used in teaching social studies and the teachers attitude towards teaching social studies. The significance of this study may help the teachers in the field, education officer, school inspectors, headteachers, college tutors, pupils and curriculum developers to improve on social studies as a discipline. The researchers employed both qualitative and quantitative survey design and eight schools were sampled for the study. The researcher used questionnaires interview guide to collect data and eight schools were selected for the study. The researcher analyzed data using frequencies and percentages and tables. It was found out that most primary teachers have continued to teach SST traditionally, most schools Jack instructional materials and in terms of attitude of teachers towards SST some teachers have a negative attitude because it is a taxing subject. It was recommended that periodical seminars, workshops and refresher courses be organized, teachers go for further training arid also acquire instructional materials for teaching socials studies.
A research report submitted to the College of Education, Open and Distance Learning as partial fulfillment of requirements for the Award of Bachelor of Education Degree of Kampala International University
Performance of social studies, Primary schools, Butaleja District, Uganda