Women empowerment and social-economic development in Nantambulirwa sub-county, Mukono district

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research report covered the women empowerment and social economic development. The case study was Nantambulirwa Sub-County in Mukono District. The study objectives were to establish the economic status of women in Nantambulirwa Sub-County. To establish the social status of women in Nantambulirwa Sub-County. And to establish the level women’s participation in politics in Nantambulirwa Sub-County. The researcher used the sample size of 70 out of the total population of 85 target population and the researcher used Morgan table or formular to determine the sample size. The findings of the study were that women have contributed much in social economic development of Nantambulirwa Sub-County in particular Mukono District and Uganda at large; women have headed most of the organization, constructed houses, educating their children and relatives. The researcher recommendations were; the government should extend infrastructures in rural areas like Nantabulirwa Sub-County so as to improve on the market access of women. In this way, women will be in position to sell their produce to earn an income and will be economically empowered. The government should also give soft loans to women in rural areas and charge them interest rates according to the work done. The government should also train officials to sensitize rural people about the usefulness of education in the person’s and country ‘s development .in this way, the number of girls who drop out of school will reduce, women enrollment In higher institutions will increase and the economic empowerment of women will increase. They should take into consideration women’s economic activity schedule and time them rightfully. In this way women won’t be able to miss their seminars and workshops. They should also fulfill to women what they promise them. They shouldn’t incite people when they are not in position to fulfill their promises. People should take into consideration the usefulness of gender division of labor in their homes in this way; women will have enough time to participate in seminars and workshops of organizations which empower them. People should take their children to school especially the girl child. This will improve on the levels of their economic empowerment
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Science in partial fulfillment of requirement for the ward of Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University.
Women empowerment, Social-economic development, Mukono district