Online scheduling appointment system: a case study of Mulago Hospital

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Hospital information systems are a very vital product in today’s growing population this is because health institutions have to deal with the growing number of populations. This study was carried at Mulago Hospital, the manual system used lead to problems like; data loss, misplacement disclosure of the confidential data to unauthorized retrieval, and others. It therefore calls for a security for data by design of a computerized database system and this will ease the work for the staff. Online Scheduling Appointment System was designed to store, update, edit, and follow up patient’s details and staff and secure confidential information for the hospital. Also cater for the newly accepted Client under the department. The researcher collected data using questionnaires, interviews and observation. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS to verify the data into simple percentage which was presented in the form) f tables and charts. The database was created using MySQL and users accessed it over a Drear weaver interface. On all he machines a shared document folder was created and this folder enabled that all important information was stored to ensure that non authorized users did not access it. lie researcher tested using Unit Testing and converted the system using parallel conversion where he knew system was installed as the old system was still in place. lie researcher recommends that the organization should update the system after every 3 months to ensure it is effectively running and cater for the adjustments due daily changes in the nature of transactions. The staff should also be trained on how to use the new system and a regular follow up lone to ensure they are familiar with it. Users of the system need to be thoroughly able to know how he tool works.
A research project submitted to School of Computer Studies partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology of Kampala International University
Online scheduling, Appointment System, Mulago Hospital