The impact of budgeting on funds mobilization in wakiso district local government:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study examined the effect of Budgeting on Financial Resources Management in Kiryandongo District Local Government with specific objectives used including examining the practice of budget participation, establishing the relationship between budget approval and Financial Resource Management and establishing the relationship between Budget Implementation and Financial Resource Management. Literature on budgeting and Firm muor Resource• Management was reviewed. A case study research design was used supplemented by both the qualitative and quantitative approaches. An accessible population of 42 respondents was identified from which 37 formed the sample size. A questionnaire, interview and documentary review methods were used while the self-administered questionnaire. interview guide and documentary review checklist constituted the instruments. Quality control of the instrument was observed using validity and reliability. Data for the study was managed both qualitative and quantitatively. Key study findings reveal a positive effect of budget participation. positive relationship for both budget approval and budget implementation with financial resource management. The following can be concluded that using fewer stake holders during budgeting negatively of effects financial resource management. The district approved ics budget, with budget decisions council and finance department is solely responsible for budgets training. In addition, a poorly designed development plan leads to financial resource mis-use in over spending. The following form the recommendations including need to organise more awareness programs including budget workshops and conferences, purchase and installation of essential technologies to foster communication, need to update records, staff need to adhere to finance rules and regulations. In addition, liaising with other departments to ensure budget trimming is’ important. Budget training is good for local politicians. There is need to from u/ate an independent resource allocation task force and aiding proper record keeping through purchase of computers, filling cab internet and shelves among others stens communication.
a research report submitted to the college of economics and management as partial requirement for award of bachelor degree of business administration of Kampala international university.
funds mobilization, budgeting, wakiso district