The role of society on orphans’ educational Rights in Zanzibar- Tanzania. A case study of Unguja North ‘A’ District

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study examined the role of society on orphans’ education right, by taking case of Unguja North “A” District special in three villages that are Gamba, Chaani and Bandamaji. As such, the study treated variables that included the role of society and orphans’ educational right. Despite the existence of some human rights organization in Zanzibar, still the rights of orphans on education are said to be violated. Due to the prevailing poor economic conditions many families continue to live in severe poverty. Responsibilities of providing for orphans are left to house holds, relatives or community members who due to financial constrains may not be able to help. The examined the role of society promoting educational rights to orphans Unguja North ‘A’ District in three villages that are Gamba,. Chaani and Bandamaji and suggesting possible intervention to the situation. The instruments used included questionnaires and interviews. While the target population included 300 orphans, 100 care givers and 100 class teachers. Data were collected in February 2010, through representative sample, simple random sampling and purposive sampling techniques. The major findings of the study revealed that, orphans experienced many challenge on not adequate quality education due to several factors, largely attributed to poverty, lack of external support, lack of unity in the society, lack finances and neglect by the community which have had negative implication. As a result orphans drop out from school some of them engaged on child labor. The study established that orphans are not adequately enjoying their right to education. Society has not ready to play her role. NGOs CBOs and religious group have not given support yet to orphans in other villages special in rural
A Thesis Presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Art Human Right and Development
Orphans’ Educational Rights, Zanzibar- Tanzania, Unguja North ‘A’ District