The Role of Constituency Development Fund on Women Empowerment: A Case of Mathira Constituency, Nyeri North District- Kenya.

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Kampala International University, masters Degree In Development Administration And Management
This study is an evaluation on the role of CDF on women empowerment. Despite the government intervention by empowering of the community through CDF initiatives the wide gap between economic participation and political social power exist. Women involvement in key decision in the development process is not consummated with their level of contribution. They are therefore persisted trends and patterns of poverty level among the women irrespective of government intervention through empowerment of rural community. Several Journals, books, articles and literature written by scholars and international financial organization were reviewed. The literature was reviewed on women empowerment in three items; contribution of development processes challenge!; and strategies of women empowerment. A case study was used to narrate the situation by intensively investigate the CDF structure. Several method c f data collection were employed, interviewed and focus group discussion , questionnaire observation and documentary analysis into three items, contributions, challenges and strategies. The outcome of findings confirmed minimal benefit and less opportunity and women, tr e low contribution of CDF initiatives to the women's empowerment in terms of participation where men dominate. The most challenging factors were fund insensitive systems, traditional and cultural values and social economic and politic 31 dependency of women the most strategic approach on welfare of women was found to be enhancing strategic gender. The study therefore recommended for project free women workload and special programs on women, affirmative action and women will work plus ensure access to relevant of information on CDF communities. All in all special programs which are genders responsive would boost women's negotiation capacities as well as their skills and confidence. Such efforts also increase overall productivity for the community there by maximizing the role of CDF on empowerment of women.
A Thesis Submitted To The School Of Post Graduate Studies In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of Master Of Arts Degree In Development Administration And Management Of Kampala International University
Constituency Development Fund, Women Empowerment, Nyeri North District- Kenya