An Assessment on the Challenges Faced By Orphans in Education in Tanzania Morogoro District

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in social work and social administration
The study focused on the challenges orphans faced in education in selected secondary schools in Morogoro District, specifically to find out those common challenges which they faced in education, through investigate their fellow students who are not orphans but they used to study with orphans. Students, also to investigate teachers, patrons or matrons to know if their aware of challenges orphans faced in education as well as if they have possible solutions for those challenges orphans faced in their schools, and also to suggest possible solutions and generate possible rehabilitation measures on how orphans can be handled to over come those challenges which they faced in education. The study was conducted in Morogoro District. The researcher used random sampling to select five secondary schools both government secondary schools and private secondary schools. The study employed interviews, questionnaires and focus groups discussion to collect data from respondents. The researcher found out various challenges orphans faced in education and the identified challenges were; problem of school fees, inferiority, discrimination both from their students and teaches, poor performance and among others. The study came up with a number of conclusions, for example due to those challenges orphans faced in their education, it end up for orphans to drop out from schools, others become street children, increased number of child labor, psychological problems among others. The study recommended that all stakeholders in education such as guardians, teachers, churches, local councils, elders, community leaders, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and entire community should be involved at all level of support such as to provide school fees, uniforms, shelter, food and many others to orphans who faced challenges in education. Also education manages to endeavor to encourage teachers, other students who are not orphans and society to develop a positive attitude towards orphans through encourage, support them either in cash or in kind.
A Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment For The Requirement Of The Award Of Bachelor of Arts Social Work And Social Administration At Kampala International University.
Orphans in Education, Morogoro District