The role of the Council of elders ‘Guurti’ in Somaliland’s Political reconstruction and democratization

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This study is an inspired effort to analyze the role of the council of elders ‘Guurti’ in Somaliland’s political construction and democratization, in the republic of Somaliland. The reconciliation and peace conferences (shirbeeleedyo) were executed by the traditional council of elders ‘Guurti’. The Guurti have for the past nineteen years largely taken over major roles of the country including: reconstruction, peace-building, country building, security, dispute mediation and others. Somaliland’s transition from clan-based system to multiparty democracy. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of politicization of the Guurii to Somaliland’s political system. A total of 205 respondents were selected and treated as sample population. The instruments employed included Questionnaires, and Focus Group Discussion.
A Research Thesis Submitted To The School Of Postgraduate Studies In The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Master Of Arts In Development Administration And Management Of Kampala International University
Council of Elders, Reconstruction, Democratization, Somaliland