The effect of recruitment on the Performance of Organisations: Case study of East Africa University, Bossaso (EAU), Somalia.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences .
This study on the Effect of Recruitment on Employees' Performance in East Africa University in Punt land Somalia, aimed at finding out about the major recruitment practices used by the university and how they affect employee performance; and was guided by four objectives: To determine the demographic characteristics of the respondents, to examine source of recruitments used and employee performance in East Africa university in Punt land, to investigate the employee performance in EAU in Punt land and to determine the relationship between recruitment and employees' performance in East Africa university. To figure out the problem, literature was reviewed on the main variables of the study to enrich field responses. It mainly focused on the methods of recruitment, their advantages, disadvantages and the suggested literal best methods of going about the recruitment process. Both qualitative and quantitative research designs were relied upon and used on a sample of 52 respondents from East Africa in Punt land Somalia. The findings indicated that the East Africa University was dominated by men (with 61.5%), and that level of education of most of the employees was dominated by degree holders. It was further seen that the main source of recruitment at East Africa University was internal recruitment and they only use external when there is no qualified employee within the organization. It was also found that the employees' performance at East Africa university was poor as seen in findings because there is conflict, ambiguity of jobs, labor turnover and customer dissatisfaction which all represent employee performance in the company as the mean mostly showed agree. The study further concluded that recruitment and employee performance of EAU are significantly correlated and that the relationship between them is strong at 0.04 confidence level. More so the study discovered that east Africa University does not systematically follow the process of recruitment and also does not have any career development programs to employees thus a recommendation that the East Africa university has to train all its staff and use the recommended recruitment methods in order to improve its performance.
A dissertation presented to the School of Business and Management Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Human Resource Management.
Recruitment, Performance, Organisations, Effects, East Africa University, Somalia.