Effects of Covid 19 pandemic on higher education:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social Science
This study aimed at investigating the social economic effects of Covid 19 Pandemic on education in Uganda focusing on Makerere and Kampala International Universities. The following specific objectives guided this study and these were to examine the effect of Corona Virus Pandemic on University Education, to determine the effects of Corona virus on the Closure of Universities in Uganda, to find out the effects of Corona Virus Pandemic on information technology at Makerere University and Kampala International University in Uganda. The Erik Erikson's Psychosocial Theories was adopted for the study. This research employed a cross sectional survey design to gather data in order to draw conclusions about the population of interest. Questionnaires and interview guide were used as research instruments .The study used a sample size of 10000 respondents. The findings indicated that Corona Virus Pandemic had a great impact on University Education such as Makerere and Kampala International Universities in Uganda. The findings indicated that Corona virus greatly led to the closure of universities in Uganda. Covid-19 Pandemic forced distant teaching and learning as opening the way for the introduction of Digital Learning. Moreover, the finding indicated that Corona Virus Pandemic greatly affected Information Technology at Kampala International University and Makerere University in Uganda. While the globe attempted to suppress Covid-19 Pandemic or any subsequent outbreaks, educational institutions increasingly relied on educational technology platforms. In this study, the researcher concluded that the government shifted from remote teaching to support distance learning and online education delivered via radio, television and the Internet. It was unveiled that learners from poor, vulnerable and marginalized households lacked access to these materials to further eroding equity and access to the quality of education. As well, the extended closure of University led to students’ dropouts, pregnancies and early marriages. The researcher recommended that a clear government response strategy is needed to ensure adequate attention and protection for the poorest and most vulnerable sections of the population and this to promote education for all in Uganda.
A thesis report submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Master’s degree in social work of Kampala International University
Covid 19 pandemic, Higher education, Uganda.