The Impacts of Internal Control Systems on the Performance of District Local Governments of Uganda: A Case Study of Adjumani District Local Government

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in business administration
The study focused on Internal Control Systems and its impacts on the performance of local governments of Uganda. It was conducted in Adjumani District, located in West Nile region of Northern Uganda. The study aimed at investigating the Impacts of Internal control systems on the performance of Adjumani District local government. The researcher employed both quantitative and descriptive approaches and the population included departmental staffs and a few people who are employees at the District Headquarters were also chosen to prove the validity of the information given by the civil servants, and altogether a sample of seventy (70) respondents has been selected. The researcher used basically two methods to collect data. This included interviews and questionnaires which made the researcher to complete his study in the most convenient time possible. Findings of the study indicated that there is still a lot to be done to fully implement efficient and effective internal control systems at Adjumani district local government headquarters. This was reflected basically in 2009 when a controversy aroused between the District chairman and the chief finance officer on the source and accountability for the fund used for the purchase of the official vehicle for the District LC5 chairman, up-to-date people are ignorant on whether the vehicle is a donation from the central government as stated by the District chairman or acquired by the District as according to the chief finance officer and accountability. The study concluded that the District needs to still do a lot, for example stopping the politicization of government development programme.
A Research Dissertation Submitted To The School Of Business And Management In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelors Degree In Business Administration Of Kampala International University
Internal Control Systems, Adjumani District Local Government