The Success and Growth in the Operations Management of Kenya Commercial Bank: A Case Study of Kenya Commercial Bank Mwanza [Tanzania] Branch Kinyata Road

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in International Business Administration
The study was basically based on the growth and success in operations management of Kenya commercial Bank Mwanza [Tanzania] branch The objectives of the study were:- To find out the operations management systems, policies and techniques used by the KCB while operating in Tanzania. • To find out the mode of entry strategies used by KCB to enter into a foreign country. • To find out the contribution of the KCB to the financial sectors of the country of Tanzania. • To find out some of the competitive advantages of KCB has as it is operating in foreign country like Tanzania. • To find out the operation departments in KCB how are structured and consolidated from one department to another. The instruments used to collect data were questionnaires and interview. Samples were selected both randomly and systematically. The data for the study was got from two sources (primary and secondary). Finally the data was analyzed using Ms Word, Excel, percentages, charts and tables. The findings were:- The study shows that operations management system, policies, procedures and techniques used by the KCB made it to succeed and exist in the foreign country. The findings further shows that the good policy of the country on economic policy, good technology, political stability, and understanding the culture of the country may lead to success of the business. The conclusions were:- The findings of the study indicates that the operations management system, policies, techniques and procedures of the Kenya commercial bank leads to the growth and success of the company while in host country. Also the findings indicate that he success and growth of the bank may be affected by the economic policy, political climate, technological level and cultural of the country. The recommendations made by the researcher were:- The Kenya commercial Bank should be able to analyze well the political, economical, cultural and technological factors of the foreign country for the success and growth of the company (PEST ANALYSIS).
Dissertation Submitted to the School of Business Studies and Management of Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment for Award of Bachelors Degree In International Business Administration.
Success and Growth, Operations Management, Kenya Commercial Bank