The contributions of the catholic relief services on the socio-economic development of Kisoro District: a case study of Kisoro Municipality

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study looks at the role ofNCQs in development by exploring how Cathollc Relief Services has or can contribute to the social economic development of Kisoro munici~allty, This study is important because today, many NCQs are taking over the roles ofthe states andgovernments as far as social economic development ofKis’oro munici~ality as well as the whole district is concerned Catholic Relief Services is a humanitarian i’iternational anti-poverty non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to f~qht poverty worldwide, the world withoutpoverty and injustice in which everyperson enjoys their riqhts to fife with thqnity, The organization ‘s mission is to work with the poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice. NCOs are voluntary soci~il organizations that render help to government and societies for improvement of quality of fife of people from education to health, to environment and to poverty alleviation. The scope of NGOs operational areas touches every part of lh’~’. The NG’Os are less authoritative in decision making, they derive their strength on the basis of their actions in ri~qht direction, and they find governmentalsupport in this both financial and authoritative. Some national NCOs in Uganda include community based organization (CBQS), Kulika Charitable Trust, Nature Uganda, Network of Uganda, Uganda Rural Development and Training Program, Women~s Cross Internationa4 Cross Cultural Exchange for Women ofRural exchange, Uganda council for economic empowerment for women of Africa (CEEWA), Red Cross Uganda, Action Aid Uganda, Catholic Humanitarian Agencies Uganda [CRS].
A dissertation submitted to college humanities and social & sciences in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the award of bachelor’s degree in development studies at Kampala International University
Catholic relief services, Socio-economic development, Kisoro Municipality