The Role of Community Based Organizations in the Development of Rural Communities.

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Kampala International University, Colleges of humanities and social sciences
The study examined the role of Community Based Organizations in the development of rural communities in Aweil, Northern Bhar Le Ghazel State. Other purposes included finding out the role that Community Based Organizations play in contributing to the development rural communities in Aweil, examined the challenges faced by Community Based Organizations in doing their activities in rural areas of Aweil and assessing the effects of Community Based Organizations’ activities on the development of rural communities in Aweil. A sample size of 50 respondents was sampled using purposive or judgmental sampling under the non-probability sampling technique. From the study findings, the researcher found out that community based projects lack ready market for their products and lack of enough money to facilitate the project. This has hindered community based projects from promoting socio-economic development. Others say, Shonhiwa (2006: 94), lack of management skills leads to deficiency in management. Low productivity may go unnoticed for a long time if management does not have the skills or ability to detect it. What is not known cannot be managed by the manager. If a manager lacks management skills his/her response to turmoil within an organization often manifests itself in staff de-motivation, lack of team effort, sabotage and absenteeism. A significant number of members of the community based organizations in the study were multidimensionality poor at the time of collecting data for this study. However, several of them were making good improvement in some poverty indicators. The main sources of capital to members of the community in the study area were both from SACCOs and from their projects. Majority of them were not accessing credit from banks. Income for majority of members of with projects increased significantly after joining the projects and consequently improved in some of the poverty indicators. Participation of members in decision making meetings of the community based projects was very high. Community based projects in the study area were reducing poverty among their members by urging them to establish different economic activities and also assisting them to look for markets of their products. Despite the efforts made by the community projects in reducing poverty among its members, the following problems were still a challenge securing market of their products, drought, poor means of transport to transport products to market centers and many others. The ministry should ensure that community involvement is intensified in such a way that reports are always given to the communities as beneficiaries of the projects. This can be through funding, sensitization programs, sponsoring radio adverts to run and ensure that communities are fully aware of government programs in relation to their projects. Through the ministry, good partnership between the community and the government should be made and maintained during planning and implementation of community based organizations.
A Research Report Submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration of Kampala International University.
Community, Rural Communities., Organizations