Training and Employee Performance: A Case Study of Wellspring Organization

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The main puipose of the study was to examine employees training and performance in using a cases study of Wellspring organization. The study was guided by three objectives including:, to establish the effects of training on the productivity of employees in Wellspring organization, to find out the effects of training on employee relations in Wellspring organization, to find out the effect of training of the employee morale and commitment in Wellspring organization. The study used a sample size of 28 respondents from the various departments such as school, health centre, community outreach, supportive staff and top management or administration department. Data was collected through interviews and filling in questionnaires and it was analyzed using descriptive statistics and tables. The study findings reveled that. The findings show that, effective training when conducted on the right persons in a specific field increases the productivity of employees and motivate employees in an organization. It can also greatly promote and influence the overall performance of the organization.According to the findings of the study, it also shows clearly that training has great effect on improving employee relations and relationship with the organization towards attaining organizational goals. It’s upon this point that Wellspring organization has recognized the importance of training as a significant way to improved organizational relations and employees that will be interpreted through attainment of organizational goals and will influence the perception of employees towards their whole commitment to the organization. The researcher’s findings showed again that effective training strongly increases employee morale and commitment in an organization. Therefore, the establishment of effective training programmes in an organization is the best way to raise the employee performance there by attaining the organizational goals and objectives, and this requires all organizations to embrace the need to establish the good and effective training programmes in order to be effective and efficient so as to boost the performance of an or organization. The researcher recommends that The management of organizations should design and carry out effective appraisal system at a specific period of time to identify the gaps in the performance of the employees in order to design appropriate training programmes to equip the employees with the relevant skills to fill the gaps identified. The researcher suggested that the rate of employee turnover is high in most organization therefore further research needs to be conducted to find out the relationship between training and employee turnover.
Dissertation Submitted to the College of Social Science in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University.
Training, Employee Performance