Secure enterprise resource planning system for managing human resource for university:

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Though most of the Higher Education Institutions have appreciated the growing innovations in Information Technologies for instance automating of the day to day operation, but much of the automation was mainly done at departmental level as every department installs its system like academics, admission, finance and other departments as they could be in the Institution. This kind of automation has numerous negative implications which include high costs of operation as each department maintains a system, information accessibility as data to be accessed a user has to move to a particular department where the desired information is managed from. The project focused on integrating all the functional department Institution system for instance integrating finance with admission into one Enterprise system. The objectives of the system were achieved by visiting the Institution premises and collecting from system ~users collecting data from the end users of the system through interactions, use of questionnaires, interviews, observations and participation in the then existing system. Data analysis and design was made using data processing models like data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams and context models. Optimizing of the system was done using Microsoft SQL server 2005 and visual basic 6.0.
A Research Project Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology of Kampala International University
Enterprise resource planning system, Human resource, University, Bugema University