Relationship between illicit drugs and violence among the youth: acase study of nyakagyeme sub-county Rukugiri western Uganda

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Kampala International University, Colleges of Humanities and Social sciences
The focus of the study was to assess the relationship between illicit drugs and violence among the youth: a case study of Nyakagyeme sub-county Rukungiri western Uganda. It was based on three research objectives that included examining the causes of illicit drug prevalence among youths in Nyakagyerne sub-county, establish the effect of illicit drugs on violence prevalence among youths and establish mechanisms for reducing violence among youths in Nyakagyeme sub-county. The researcher used a descriptive research design that involved the use of both qualitative and quantitative research designs to conduct the whole study. The study adopted a sample population of 100 respondents who were chosen from the Nyakagyeme sub-county for data collection. This was interacted with using the research questionnaire. The study findings were on the causes illicit drugs Peer group pressure among youths in the subcounty had 20% of the total number of respondents, Lack of religious affiliation had 17% of the respondents, high levels of unemployment had 16%, low levels of education in the sub-county had 12% respondents, Poor parenting of children had 10% also, Availability of drugs had 18% of the respondents, Biological reasons had 7% of the respondents. There is a relationship between illicit drugs and violence prevalence among youths in Nyakagyeme sub-county. The majority of the respondents argued that illicit drugs contribute to increased cases of rape 12% of the respondents. Robbery increment in society had 21% of respondents. high levels of deaths in society had 14% of the respondents, Increased family disputes had 20% of respondents, poor relationship amongst families had 16% of the respondents and segregation amongst people in society had 17% of the respondents. Community has established measures for reducing violence in Nyakagyeme sub-county to 40%, 32% of the respondents disagreed and 28% of the respondents were not sure. The study findings on the measures put in place for reducing violence in Nyakagyeme sub-county. Establishing strict laws had 28% of respondents, creating productive activities had 24% of respondents, improving parenting of children had 21% of the respondents and strengthening cultural institutions had 23% of the respondent. The study recommended that the sub-county administration should develop policies that are intended to control the vice of substance dependency such as counseling and guidance for addicts, the sub-county should adopt parameters that prevent addicts from taking drugs during working hours, government should strengthen the policies on controlling drug abuse such as putting up stricter laws and families need to embark on moral development into their children. This will create a morally upright and drug free citizens that will avoid drug abuse by those involved.
A research dissertation submitted to college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfilment of tile requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree of social work and social administration of Kampala International University
Illicit drugs, Violence, Youth, Nyakagyeme sub-county - Rukugiri