An assessment of quality computerized auditing and its effects on the performance of the auditing firms case study: KPMG- Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study on the effective of computerized auditing is very important due to the facts that, in today's global business conduct and the economic performance in general largely depend on critical analysis and reliable information from various sources of information. These sources of information are of different types, ranging from the engineering, economist, financial analysis, auditors, accountants etc. The study aimed at achieving the following objectives. • To establish whether there weakness or strength in accounting and auditing information in computerized systems. • To create opportunities for further studies and the introduction of new techniques in auditing. • To advise auditing firm to use sophisticated mens in carrying out their duties in order to cope with challenging environment. To collect the relevant data, the procedures used included questionnaires, interviews and library research on relevant materials. Data was analyzed by the use of descriptive methods such as percentage distribution and frequently distribution. The findings were presented in tables
A research report presented in partial fulfillment for the Degree Award of Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting Option) of Kampala International University
Computerized auditing, Auditing firms, KPMG- Uganda