Digital video library information system case study: movie land entertainment limited, Uganda

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Kampala International University,College of Computing and Information Technology
The advances in the data capturing, storage, and connnunication technologies have made vast amounts of video data available to consumer and enterprise applications. However, interacting with multimedia data, and video in particular, requires more than connecting with data banks and delivering data via networks to customers' homes or offices. Still there are limited tools and applications to describe, organize, and manage video data. The fundamental approach is to index video data and make it a structured media. Manually generating video content description is time consuming and thus more costly to the point that it's almost impossible. Moreover, when available, it's subjective, inaccurate, and incomplete. This research sought out to design a system for Movie Land Entertainment Limited to computerize the manual based system currently in place. The system would be able to offer automatic content-based indexing of videos in the company and will act as data repository for easing the renting process. The research used Object Oriented methodology to conduct the research. Data collection was done tlu·ough interview, observation and questionnaire, the data was analyzed to come up with the required information to develop the system. The research used PHP and Dreamweaver to design the interface and MySQL to design the database. The research came up with a full operational rental system which can be implemented to Movie land Entertainment Limited for a computerized system. The researcher reconnnends that the system be implemented and the users of the system be trained so that they can operate efficiently and further upgrade of the system so that it can interact with clients and able to contain digital movies online.
A research project submitted to the school of computer studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the bachelors of Computer science & Bachelors of Information technology of Kampala International University
Digital video library, Information system, Uganda