The effectiveness of internal control system over the government funds: a case study of Ministry of Health (MOH)

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
Internal control is one of the major challenges facing managers to day. Particularly in less development country like Tanzania .This is because of manager resource. government has to operate with to satisfy wants or needs for the people .Cash being very fast moving among the asset of an organization, there is a need to design management system to ensure its safe custody. This control should not only be inward looking. It must take care of both cash receipts and that being used out for use. The control should not end with having strong safe to keep cash but all the transaction involving ,it are procedural and are according to rules and regulation governing the public expenditure. The Public Finance and Public procurement Acts 2001 and the Regulation are very important and necessary tools to enhance a proper control in the use of scarce public funds, In my field report 'effectiveness of internal control in government funds was analyzed from the point of view of government ministries. The case of the study was in the ministry of health .In this study a sample of twenty workers and fifteen non workers are chosen on random basis, interviews and questions guides were employed in collecting data. Findings review that all the policy and procedural implemented by the management of the ministry of health MOH the government is effectiveness to enhance proper control in the use of public funds
Research report submitted to Kampala International University in partial fulfilment for the Award of the Degree of bachelor of Business Administration of Kampala International University.
Internal control system, Government, Ministry of Health (MOH)