Design and Implementation of Room Allocation System Case Study of Valley Cortes Hostel

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Kampala international international : School of computing and Information technology
The manual room allocation process currently in use in Valley courts hostel is time consuming, labor intensive and prone to human error. This project was carried out with an aim of developing a system that would address the above problems. A computer-based and standalone system was developed to effectively and efficiently match an applicant’s profile to the available room’s features and amenities. The methods used for collecting data for the development of the system included interviews, questionnaires and document review. Data analysis was carried out to determine the functional and non-functional requirements of the system. System design involved conceptual design, logical design and application design. It is anticipated that the computer based system will save time and reduce human errors in the room allocation process. The system will also improve on transparency thereby improving on the effectiveness and efficiency in the room allocation process.
A Project Report Submitted To The School Of Computer Studies In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor Of Information Technology Of Kampala International University
Room Allocation System, Hostels