Computerized accounting systems and financial performance of corporative unions in Mbale District: a case study of Bugisu Cooperative Union

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Kampala International University, College of Economics & management.
The study was intended to establish the relationship between computerized accounting systems and financial performance. The objectives were to determine the effect of accounts receivables software on financial performance of Bugisu cooperative Union. to establish the effect of accounts payable software on financial performance of Bugisu cooperative Union and to examine the effect of general Ledger software on financial performance of Bugisu cooperative Union. The study was based on a descriptive research design and case study. The data was collected from 40 respondents who were the employees of BCU using closed ended questionnaires. The study findings indicate that computerized accounting system influence or affect the financial performance of 13(1.!. The study findings indicate that accounting software of receivables has an effect on financial performance of the organizations; the findings conclude that enhancing computerized accountings facilitates financial performance. On the second objective, the study conclude that payables software to enhance the performance there is need for consolidating the management of the payables software and finally on the third objective of the study conclude that effective use of the accounting ledger software enhances the performance of the organization BCU, hence the need to manage the organization software. The study recommends that there is need to improve it management need to enhance operations and search for a more reliable customer base since the prevailing is not sufficient enough to guide work in the organizations. There is need for strong cost reduction by management so as to save on the finances lost through operations that are not effectively guided in work. On the second objective, there is need for consideration and employment of the payables accounting system as means to improving the performance of the software in managing the organization for financial performance. On the third objective the Ledger systems need to be developed enhanced both in the manual and automated system in order to develop the form of accounting software assessment necescary for enabling the organization accounting systems for the organizations.
A research report submitted to College Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University Uganda
Computerized Accounting Systems, Financial Performance, Corporative Unions