On job training and employee performance: a case study of Kotido municipality, Kotido district, Karamoja sub-region-Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research titled as on job training and employee performance a case study of Kotido Municipality in Kotido district Karamoja sub ~region. The researcher used the following objectives research on his search for relevant inf:ormation. To examine the employees on job training in Kotido Municipality in Kotido district, to find out the employee performance in Kotido Municipality in Kotido district, to establish the relationship between employee on job training and performance in Kotido Municipality in Kotido district. The research was carried out basing on the descriptive survey design because the research seeks views and opinions of the respondents. Cross sectional survey design was used because the researcher carried out research at once. The researcher also used the qualitative and quantitative approaches during the research. The findings revealed that relationship between on job training and employee performance as illustrated four (table 13). The biggest number of employees who responded showed that the employees who work after on job training experience job satisfaction, collaboration with others have increased pride and). Well trained employees were committed and believed in the mission, vision and values as well as the goals of the organization. Lack of employee absenteeism: low employee productivity and its high labour turnover (Human Resource Performance Report. 2009). Huselid (2005) observes that in order to improve performance of a workforce, employers should provide on job training programs. This is because organizational changes as well as external forces such as globalization may create difficulties at the workplace. Other factors such us workforce diversity are at play in telecommunications sector and this has a heavy bearing on employees’ day to day wellbeing (Morgan, 2009). Against this background, there is a need to find out whether without considering other factors, on job training improve employee performance or not Performance is how well an employee can perform his! her jobs (Schuler, 1995). A high performance team individual makes good use of time, skills, abilities, and knowledge and knowledge as well as making effective use of tin organization s resources (Oliver5 1991). In order to achieve this, management has to use various method of on job training and skills development which are relevant to the on job training needs of the employees and the overall goals of the organization.
A Research Report Submitted To The College Of Humanities And Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of A Bachelors Degree Of Social Work And Social Administration Of Kampala International University
On job training, Employee performance, Kotido municipality, Kotido district, Karamoja sub-region, Uganda