Investigating the importance of counseling services to the communities of makindye division, Kampala district

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Thus the study was focused on investigating the importance of counseling in the development of communities in Makindye Division Kampala district. The research questions were designed to direct the research in the course of the data collection. The study was built on the theory of Carl Rogers who proposed that counseling services would empower an individual in the psychological growth and maturity and hence make responsible decisions. The study adopted basically descriptive research design. Two research instruments were designed to collect primary and secondary data on objectives of the study. Oral interviews and Questionnaires were also employed. . In section two, the study reflected on relevant literature on counseling and how it changed people's perception of the real world. The study found out that although counseling pronounced today by many development agents, few people are aware of its existence and of course its role on the development process in Uganda and in Kampala International university in particular. The independent variable was counseling in which the development agents must depend on for its helpful ideology in Uganda. The ideology of counseling was that those who counseled make healthy decisions in the possible development programmes. The study recommended that the government, development agencies, and the communities should embrace counseling in their programmes so as to create awareness on the existing human problems and how cope with these problems to achieve development goals. In conclusion, counseling as a practice 1s focused on building responsible citizen, development agents. Social workers. Psychologists, health educators to help people solve their problems and thus sustainable development. As people become increasingly enmeshed in the Life style, accruing from the scientific age, the psychological consequences and behavior become more complex. The need for ht e counseling services in all sectors of development would promise people for realizing their dreams and aspirations m life which may be important when incorporated on the development agenda.
A dissertation submitted to School of Post Graduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Masters in Development Administration and Management of Kampala International University
counseling services, communities, makindye division, Kampala district