Financial loans and performance of medium enterprises in Kampala; a case study of Kampala down town traders

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Kampala International University ,College of Economics and Management
This research report was carried out on Micro Finance Loans and Performance of Medium Enterprises in Kampala a case study of Kampala down Town Traders. The report contains the background to the study which specifically talks about the definition of Microfinance institutions (MFis), examples and forms of MFis and the scope of their operation in Uganda. The services and beneficiaries of these MFls services together with their sources of funds have been mentioned. The objectives of the study were; to establish the nature of Microfinance loans to Medium enterprises, to establish the level of performance of recipient Medium enterprises and to establish the relationship between microfinance loans and performance of Medium enterprises. Across sectional research design was used in the study, the sample size comprised of 40 respondents whereby I 0 were micro finance employees or staffs and 30 were Medium enterprise owners. The main types of data used in the study were primary and secondary data. The questionnaires led to the collection of primary data while the use of text books journals, research materials and other Media sources, collected secondary data. The data collection method used for the study was survey and questionnaires as a tool. The findings of the study were analyzed and presented in this research report, Data analysis was conducted as a simultaneous activity with data collection and data was presented using tables, pie charts, frequencies and percentages. Most females were found to be engaged in business than men, majority of respondents also preferred medium term loans, the repayment period was not so favorable for the Medium owners, sales revenues were found out to increase as a result of using a loan. However the stipulations under which credit was granted such
A research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelors’ Degree of Business Administration of Kampala international University
Business administration, Financial loans, Performance, Medium enterprises, Kampala, Kampala down town traders