Prevalence of alcohol use disorders among patients in the psychiatry unit of Kampala International University Teaching Hospital in South Western Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
Globally, the estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that, there are 2 billion people worldwide who consume alcoholic beverages (WHO, 2016). And the burden of alcohol use is public health concern (WHO, 2011). In South, East and West Africa, prevalence of alcohol abuse ranges between 10%-70%. (WHO, 2001).Uganda has previously been reported that, annual per capita alcohol consumption was 23.7 litters (WHO, 2014).Bushenyi Ishaka in western Uganda, produces many traditional homebrewed beer and distilled alcohol beverages. .STUDY DESIGN was retrospective study among patients admitted in KIU-TH psychiatry unit in a period of six months from Jan/2017-June/2017.Broad Objective was to determine the prevalence of alcohol use disorders among patients attending psychiatry unit of KIU-TH Specific Objectives. Was to determine the prevalence of alcohol related mental disorders, the types and quantity of alcohol causing alcohol related mental disorders and factors contributing to the increasing admissions of alcohol related mental disorders in psychiatry unit KIU-TH RESULT was that, mental health problems was on the increase and up to 34% of admissions was due to alcohol related mental disorders, 70.6% are new admissions. Alcohol induced psychosis is the most prevalent diagnosed alcohol related mental illness with 41.2% followed by Alcohol abuse with 23.5% then alcohol withdrawal with 17.6%. Stress was the number one factor associated with alcohol use mental disorder with 70.6%. However, when treated, alcohol related mental disorders has a good prognosis of 82.6% CONCLUSION Alcohol related mental disorder is the most prevalent mental illness in psychiatry unit of KIUTH..Alcohol induced psychosis is the most diagnosed mental illness. Alcohol abuse is more prevalent than alcohol dependence. Alcohol related mental disorder is the number one cause of disability. Married men are the most affected by alcohol related mental disorders.Stress influence is the number one cause of alcohol use. Alcohol related mental disorders have a good prognosis RECCOMENDATION KIUTH in collaboration with the University section should create awareness of alcoholism as a mental health disorder worth treatment. Youth are to abstain from alcohol completely. Alcohol sale and use should be strictly limited to few licensed shops. Government should create employment
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Allied Health Science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Diploma In Clinical Medicine And Community Health of Kampala International University
Alcohol use disorders, Psychiatry unit, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, South Western Uganda