Impact of staff remuneration on service quality in Kampala hotels :a case study of international hotel Muyenga

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Kampala International University, College of Economics & Management
The study sought to investigate the relationship between remuneration and service delivery in the hospitality industry in Uganda, a case study of International Hotel Muyenga. The study was guided by three objectives namely; to examine the types of staff remuneration in IHM and the level of service quality in IHM. The study was basically quantitative although having qualitative elements involving 32 respondents. It was guided by a descriptive survey design whereby objectives were tested using Pearson”s Correlation Co-efficient Technique. The findings of the study revealed a positive significant relationship between planning of remuneration, staff development and service delivery of academic staff at IHM. It however revealed an insignificant relationship between planning of general welfare and service delivery of IHM staff. It concluded that, there was a positive significant relationship between planning of remuneration, staff development and lecturers service delivery at the Hotel. It was concluded further on the third objective that there was an insignificant relationship between service delivery. The following recommendations were drawn if lecturers~ service delivery was to be improved. To plan well for remuneration through making fair budgets on their salaries and allowances. Put proper training, seminars, conferences into plans geared towards improving lecturers~ service delivery. And finally should consider remuneration, staff development and ignore general welfare of staff as it does not relate with service delivery.
A research submitted to college of economics and management in partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelors degree in tourism and hotel management of Kampala International University
Staff remuneration, Service quality, International hotel Muyenga