Information and communication technology and performance of the banking sector in Somalia.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was intended to conduct an assessment on the impact of information technology on the performance of financial institutions: a case study of Dahabshiil bank, Mogadishu branch. The study was justified by the need to identify and provide mechanisms for effective operation of banking sector that use information technology. The study explored the background information of the study that gave an insight on the prevalence of the situation that led to establishment of the background of Dahabshiil bank; it was guided by three objectives that included assessing the effect of information technology on performance of the financial institution, assessing the challenges encountered there in and finally establishing the strategies to enable the use of technology in financial institutions. The research that was conducted for 3 months that is to say from October to December 2014 at Dahabshiil bank it"J Mogadishu, with the aim of providing information to guide in the use of technology and the researcher's fulfillment of academic award. Data collection involved 50 respondents that included the management, customer consultants, IT specialists and business bankers who were engaged using a questionnaire, the study conducted involved use of qualitative and quantitative data approaches that identified some key emerging issues such as the prevalence of intense challenges in technology. The key findings were that a reasonable number of respondents agreed that the use of information technology at higher stakes improve the performance of Dahabshiil bank Mogadishu branch though faced with a series of challenges that included high technology cost, Network fluctuations, fraud, loss of confidentiality, limited awareness by customers on technology use. This prompted the researcher to make the recommendations. The need to invest more in information technology, reduce errors associated with the use of information technology, extension of technology enabled services in rural areas and extend its prevalence through educating customers on its use, adoption of latest technology and be strengthened both in ski lls capacities and technology that was intended to enhance the performance of not only Dahabshiil bank, Mogadishu branch but the entire institutions that deal in finance.
A Research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelors in Business Administration of Kampala International University
Information and communication technology, Performance, Banking sector