Financial intelligence and regulating money laundering in Kampala city, uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study sought to establish the relationship between money laundering and financial intelligence. Money laundering is a comprehensive term, and covers; steps of money laundering, causes of money laundering and the possible effects and solutions to money laundering. The study investigates, measure, and evaluates the relationship between money laundering and financial intelligence. To achieve the study objectives, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to a sample of the study which consisted of 100 employees of Kampala city especially ministry of finance, planning and economic development. A structured questionnaire with Likert scale was used to collect data from the respondents who had a 100% response rate. From the respondents 80 were male while 20 female constituting and 80 % and 20 % respectively. A guided interview was also employed by the researcher. The Data collected using questionnaires was sorted, coded and captured in Statistical Packages for Social Scientists (SPSS) for processing and analysis. Frequency tables, mean and standard deviation were generated from the data for analysis and interpretation to enable the researcher answer the research questions and draw concrete conclusions. Overall the results supported the hypothesis. The study revealed positive and significant benefits of financial intelligence in regulating money laundering The study found out that financial intelligence authority plays a great role in regulating mney laundering in a country or nation. The study therefore recommends that the management of companies specifically ministry of finance, planning and economic development should formulate comprehensive and effective preventive measures or strategies that seek to build good reputation and sustainability of commercial and banking organizations to ensure they reduce on the effects and causes of money laundering.
a research reports submitted to college of economics and management in partial fulfillment for the award of bachelor’s degree in business administration (finance and accounting) of Kampala international university,Uganda.
Financial, regulating money, laundering,Kampala city