The role of civil society organizations in resettlement programme in northern Uganda:

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This study was specifically designed to assess the role of Civil· Society Organisations in the resettlement Programme in northern Uganda, taking Moroto County as a case study. This particular part of Uganda had registered a large number of IDPs. This provides palatable ground for data collection in lieu of the role of CSOs in resettlement programme. The study focuses on the contributions made by the CSOs in the resettlement programme in Moroto County. It further seeks to identify the various initiatives made by the local communities as a response to the resettlement. The challenges that the CSOs and local communities go through have been thoroughly attended to. A number of related literatures were reviewed on different themes such as; the Contributions of CSOs, local community initiatives and challenges faced by CSOs and local communities. The researcher applied quantitative methods of data collection supplemented by qualitative. The main methods of data collection were by use of questionnaires, observation, interview and documentation. Data was guided by research questions, objectives and theoretical framework under three main themes; local community initiatives, role of CSOs and challenges faced. A sample population of 114 were selected from the two sub-counties of Apala and Aloi whose total population is 22,412 The study findings indicate that, despite the enormous contributions made by the CSOs in resettlement programme, in Moroto, a lot more is still demanded if the returnees (former IDPs) are to resume their normal lives. The local community initiatives should be encouraged. Besides that, government of Uganda should hasten the Juba Peace Talk since this will bring confidence to the people and assurance of peace and security.
A thesis submitted to the school of postgraduate studies in partial fulfilment for the award of a master's degree in development administration and management of Kampala International University
Civil society organizations, Resettlement programme, Northern Uganda