The impact of accounting information system on the performance Of the Non-Governmental organizations (Ngos): a case study of: pride Uganda, Entebbe Branch

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The topic was based on the effects of Accounting Information Systems on the Performance ofNon-govemmental organization (NGO). The objectives of the study were to investigate the relationship between Accounting Information Systems and Performance of the Non-governmental organization, to investigate the effects of Accounting Information Systems on the Performance of Non-governmental organization (NGO), the difference between computer hardware and computer software and principles of Accounting Information Systems. The research design used was descriptive in nature because the study was aimed at describing the effects of AIS on the Performance of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Both qualitative and quantitative research designs were used. The research was carried out using different methods through instruments such as Interviews, direct observation, questionnaire. A sample size of 30 respondents was selected by the researcher from different departments. Out of the 30 informants or respondents, 15 were men and 15 were female as there was gender balance within the organization. The findings of the study showed the presence of Accounting Information Systems and its principles guiding its use in Pride Uganda, Entebbe branch which had led to the average Performance of the Non-governmental organization (NGO) at Pride Uganda. There was evidence of Accounting Information Systems promising on service delivery and to maximize contributions if principles were adopted by various development partners such as Donor staff, Local Government authorities, employees and the community at large. The research recommends continuous monitoring of employees; need to recruit well qualified staff, carrying out either internal and external audits or checks, encouraging quarterly meetings so as to increase awareness and appreciation of the need to have Accounting Information System in place. In conclusion, it was evident that Accounting Information Systems had a lot of tremendous effects on the Performance of the Organization especially at Pride Uganda, Entebbe branch as responded by over 73% of the respondents.
A research dissertation submitted to the School Of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the A ward of a Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Accounting, Information, Systems