Factors affecting the effectiveness rehabilitating of street children: case study of Mengo-Kisenyi in Kampala

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Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science
The issue of the street children is one of the haunting problems affecting Uganda’s society. As part of the process in trying to address the problem, this research regarding the factors affecting the effectiveness of rehabilitating street children in Mengo – Kisenyi in Kampala was conducted. Fieldwork was carried out during the day rarely at night depending on the area and information in question. The researcher came across 48 street children few of whom are already mothers. The views in the survey represent a cross section of what the street children and officials Of NGOs dealing with street children. Observation method was also employed. The study presents a summary of the major research findings on the following issues namely: Background information, family relationships, causes and problems on the streets. Similarly, the study provides an outline of the various survival strategies adopted by the children on the streets, these include begging, survival sex, doing petty job, which vary depending on the age The study also provides an outline of the available interventions in place and possible strategies off the streets. Plus the activities carried out by the organizations dealing with street children, their focus, and the problems they face. It also offers an overview of some of the interventions or programmes in forms of recommendations to ensure that children do not find streets as better alternatives to their parental homes.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences as partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration of Kampala International University.
Effectiveness rehabilitating, Street children, Mengo-Kisenyi in Kampala, Uganda