Challenges to the protection of right to work in private organizations in Uganda : case study of centenary bank

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was carried out on “the challenges to the protection of the right to work in private organizations in Uganda”. The research problem was to determine the factors and laws that hinder the enjoyment of right to work in Uganda for the purpose of introducing reforms. The research objectives that guided the subject included examining the factors that hinder the enjoyment of the right to work, examining the laws necessary to reform the right to work in Uganda and the gaps that exist in the implementation of the available laws and lastly examining the reforms necessary to ensure the human right to work. Workers in Centenary Bank were the target. The sample selected were employees who are resident with in Kampala city and graduate students applying to join the Bank. Data was collected through the distribution of questionnaires, interviews and observations by the researcher who later analyzed them. This study has been significant in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in addressing the problem statement, which is concerned with the protection of right to work. The right to work is the epicenter of the success in the socio-economic de\ clopment: thc slud\ has tried to recommend ways in which people may not be deprived of their right to work. National laws of Uganda should be strengthened and implemented so as to make a friendly environment for workers and those looking for employment. Employers should he monitored to ensure that the right to work is conducive. Trade Unions and other organizations which fight for the protection of right to work should be encouraged and legalized. Lastly strict laws should be legislated and socio-economic growth encouraged, so as ensuring that the right to work in the country is enhanced.
A thesis submitted to the School of Post-graduate Studies and Research, in partial fulfillment of tile requirement in the award of Masters of Arts degree in Human Rights and Development of Kampala International University
Right to Work, Private organizations, Uganda, Centenary Bank