Domestic violence in Eastern Uganda : a case study of Buluganya sub-county, Sironko district

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study on “Domestic Violence in Eastern Uganda was carried out in Buluganga sub county Sironko district in Uganda. Basing on the major three objectives that is Causes of Domestic Violence; Effects and Recommendations to cub down the Vice To comprehend the problem of the study, a documentary Literature Review was carried out through use of a descriptive, exploratory design based on qualitative and quantitative measures by help of questionnaires and face to face interviews to obtain data from the clients on the subject matter. The whole respondents constituted of 101, respondents of whom only 98 managed to answer and return the questionnaires. From the findings it was revealed that domestic violence is a reality and many families had been found out to be victims of domestic violence. It was also revealed that women suffered most the problem related to domestic violence as compared to their male counter parts the men. Apart from basing beaten terribly, women reported being pushed out of their homes without a penny or when any money for a new start. The study recommended that the Domestic Relations Bill be implemented to help married people overcome the crisis they be fall the days they say “yes”. It was also recommended for offer lows against offenders of married rights especially on relation to the health of spouses.
A dissertation submitted to the Department of Development Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor’s Degree of Development Studies of Kampala International University.
Domestic violence, Eastern Uganda, Sironko district