The Perception, Attitude and Frequency towards Condom Use among Students in Kampala International University -Western Campus, Bushenyi District

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences, Western campus
The role of male condom for both contraception and prevention of STis was established in Europe during the eighteenth century (Lewis, 2011). Its major role was family planning and control STis (Omach P, Osma Benjamin, et al. 201 la). In sub-Saharan Africa, family planning has saved lives of women and children and has improved their quality of life (World Health Organization, 2012). In Uganda, condoms have played a central role in the official HIV prevention strategy for over two decades (Vasha Kibirige, 2014a). PROBLEM STATEMENT In Uganda, the Ministry of Health's condom programme coordinator Vasha Kibirige (2014a) rep01ied that although Uganda requires 240 million condoms annuary, the public sector procures just half of that and some years, as few as 80 million. Recently, HIV within western region is said to having increased from 8% to 9% (MOH, 2016). METHODOLOGY In studying this phenomenon, the study used was quantitative with an exploratory cross-sectional approach. The study was conducted at Kampala International University-western campus located in Ishaka, Busenyi district along Mbarara-Kasese road opposite Basajjabalaba Primary and Secondary school with over 20,000 students from different parts of Africa. The Sample size was determined using a formula developed by WINE DANIEL which states that N= (Z-QP) / D2• Using this formula, the calculated sample size was I 00 students. Data collected was analyzed using calculators and computer applications like excel. RESULTS The results of the study showed that the general perception of students towards condom use was poor with most of them (59.4%) having a poor perception towards condom use and only 40.6% good perception. The general Attitude was fairly good with 58% of the students having good attitude and 42% having poor attitude. The general frequency of condom use was very poor with majority (50%) of students using condoms sometime. Only 22% used condoms always and the 28% did not use condoms. This group (28%) included majorly virgins.
A Research Report Submitted to the School of Applied Health Sciences In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For a ward of Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health of Kampala International University
Frequency, Condom Use, Students, District