Assets and organizational performance: a case study of Davis and Shirtlift Tanzania Limited

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Management of non-current assets in organizations is of great important in running the organization efficiently on its daily operations. If those non current assets are not managed properly then there is a likely chance that organization will perform poorer. The performance of organizations depends to a large extent on how their resources are allocated and their ability to adapt to a changing condition and therefore there is a great need of the efficient internal control of the organization's noncurrent assets. The study was based on looking what were the main factors causing the poor management of non-current assets which in tum has a great impact on the performance and growth of organization with reference of Davis and Shirtliff (T) Limited. The study involved both qualitative and quantitative methods. The sample size was 25 employees. In which 9 employees from Finance department, 6 employees from Store department, 8 employees from operation department and 2 employees from receiving department Interviews, observations, documentary review and questionnaires were the bases for data collection and its findings has been represented in this research report. During the study the researcher views that the procedures are worth undertaking, although there are some few loopholes here and there. If such loopholes are not addressed in the near future they could make the organization to lose many of non-current assets. Following the study findings, the following recommendations are ve1y vital for management, in order to improve the efficient use of non-current assets. The management should conduct periodical inspection of its non-current assets in financial on monthly basis it may help in assurances of present of concerned assets and also these may help to avoid fraud about present of concerned assets. Also to make sure that all assets are under effective management the auditors have to conduct surprise inspection, computerized system of management of non-current assets, Disposed assets and transferred one, Segregation of management's duties, Corporations and Flowing of information.
A Dissertation Submitted to the School Of Business and Management In Partial Fulfillment of the Award Of Bachelor Degree Of Business Administration (Accounting Option) Of Kampala International University
Assets, Organizational performance, Davis and Shirtlift Tanzania Limited