The role of human resource planning in the development of an organization: a case study of Wakiso District

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Kampala International University.College of Humanities and social science
This study was aimed at examining the role of human resource planning in the development of an organization. It is based on the following objectives: to identify the level of human resource management practices in an organization, to examine the role of human resource planning in the general development of the organization, to identify the factors affecting the human resource planning process. Data was collected using purpose developed self-administered questionnaires from 40 respondents of both sexes who was selected using convenient random sampling. It was discovered that the district is one of the most performing local council governments in Uganda. Wakiso district has spruced the Ministry of Local government development plan goals A conclusion was made that Human resource planning has greatly impacted on the performance and development of Wakiso district. Effective and highly qualified employees have been taken on and they have played a significant role in development It was recommended that government should be engaged in the Human Resource Planning process to provide necessary facilities, equipments and resources needed in the process of H.R.P and on top of that the government should follow up the funds allocated for Human Resource Planning so that it is not misused by those in charge of it.
Research proposal submitted in partial fulfilment of for the a ward of a degree of Social Work and Social Administration of Kampala international University
Human resource, Planning, Development, Organization