The impact of industrial conflicts on the performance of an organization: a case study of Kenya Power and Lighting Company in Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This study was carried out to investigate on the impact of industrial conflict on performance of organizations. It aimed at achieving the following objectives, to establish the relationship between proper handling of industrial disputes and organization performance. to examine the causes and effects of industrial disputes in KPLC organization. to determine the ways of handling industrial disputes. The study was carried out to establish the relationship between proper handling of industrial disputes and organizations' performance. To collect the relevant data the researcher used questionnaires, interview and library research on relevant material. Data was analyzed by the use of descriptive methods such as percentage distribution and frequency distribution. The findings of the study revealed that a co relationship exists between a firm's performance and industrial disputes. In this case it means that industrial disputes have an effect on the organizations performance. It is very clear from the findings that disputes are inevitable where many people are working together to achieve a common goal. Failure to manage these disputes in the manner KPLC has failed, has resulted into boycotting of duties, strikes, destruction of properties by angry employees, poor performance among many other adverse effects.
Dissertation submitted to the School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and Management at Kampala International University
Industrial, Conflicts, Performance, Organization