The role of procurement in the Public Sector efficiency: a case study of Warrap State South Sudan

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Kampala International University: College of Economics and Management
The researcher established procurement activities which are undertaken in the Warrap State and these procurement activities according to modem businesses usually consist of seven steps (Lacey, 2006) that are comprised of information gathering, supplier contact, background review, negotiations, fulfillment, consumption, and maintenance and disposal renewal. This research report is aimed at establishing the roles of procurement efficiency in the public sector which include economic growth enhancement, tender advertisement, leadership enhancement, development of Social responsibilities, and enhancement of regulatory function, facilitation function, relationship building, endorsing function, Innovation Policy Instrument, job creation and expansion of the sector. This research report also looks at Challenges faced during procurement which include lack of transparency, discrimination tendencies, and high training costs of public procurement officers, poor communication, bribes, sub-standard products and lastly public procurement officers getting engaged in private businesses. Solutions to challenges faced during procurement have also been looked at in this research report and they include encouragement of transparency in whatever is done during procurement, public procurement officials should refrain from private businesses, there should be zero tolerance to bribes, there should be timely communication to suppliers, there should be improved monitoring of the supplied goods and services and quality assurance should be paramount during the procurement process. If the solutions to challenges are made effectively carried out, there is likely to be procurement maturity, expansion of the sector, potential workers will be engaged in public procurement, there will also be maximization of output in the public sector as a result of procurement efficiency thus high procurement performance and there will be an easy review and evaluation of procurement effectiveness hence leading to efficiency maximization. Finally, conclusions and recommendations were also made thoroughly well following the objectives of the study. The role of procurement in public sector is quite considerable. It accounts for a significant proportion of the demand for goods and services in Warrap State and South Sudan as a whole. It is increasingly considered as an attractive instrument for developing the community in Warrap State.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Business and Management Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor Degree in Business Administration of St. Lawrence University
Procurement, Public Sector, Warrap state, South Sudan