Assesment of factor associated with alcohol abuse among youth aged (15-25) years in Acana-Taa Village, Aloi Sub-County, Alebtong District

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
In Uganda, there is increasing trend in alcohol consumption where WHO ranked Uganda the leading consumer in the world. Studies among people staying in camps in war-torn areas in northern Uganda indicate that alcoholism is a common problem among the internally displaced populations, most consumers being men. This has been the major problem causing domestic violence, accidents and other causes of death in homes. General objectives. This study was conducted to assess the factors associated with alcohol abuse among youths aged (15-25) years in Acana-Taa village. Methods. This was a descriptive cross sectional study where data was collected using interviewers schedule with the help of questionnaires which guided on the study. It was then first analyzed manually using pens, papers, and calculators and later the computer used to present numerical data in tables. Results. This study found out that the associated factor to alcohol abuse among youths was majorly environmental like availability of alcohol, local breweries, persuasive advertisements etc followed by socio-economic factors like peer pressure, social norms, unemployment stress and bore doom among others. Meanwhile the major effects of alcohol abuse were in their heaths and economy. Conclusions and recommendations. Therefore it was concluded that availability of alcohol due to very many breweries and persuasive advertisements, social norms, unemployment, bore doom and peer pressure among others contributed more to alcohol abuse by the youths of this village. The government should therefore organize and fund health talk programmes and seminars to carry out community sensitization so as to improve on youths’ understandings about factor which lead to alcohol abuse and its effects on their lives Lastly government should put strict alcohol policy that will limit the age, level and time of drinking alcohol.
A research report submitted to the School of Allied Health Sciences in partial fulfillment for the award of Diploma In Clinical medicine and Community Health of Kampala international University western campus
Alcohol abuse, Youth aged (15-25) years, Acana-Taa Village, Aloi Sub-County, Alebtong District