Assessment of health workers' adherence to standard treatment guidelines in management of typhoid fever at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital

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Kampala International University; School of Health Sciences
Typhoid fever remains a global health problem and it is difficult to estimate the real burden of typhoid fever in the world because the clinical picture is confused with many other febrile infections. Thus this study was aimed assessing health workers' adherence to standard treatment guidelines in the management of typhoid fever in KlU-TH. A retrospective study design was used which was quantitative in nature involving obtaining data from patient files. The study population were patients with typhoid fever attending at KIU-TH and a sample size 60 patients' files was used. Data was collected with help of the data sheet and entered into SPSS version 25, analyzed and presented in form of tables, graphs and pie-charts. The most commonly used medicine to treat typhoid fever was Ciprofloxacin tabs used in 34(56.7%) of the cases in files and the mostly used test for typhoid fever was WAT used in 31(51.7%) files used in this study and 29(48.3%) file cases RDT was used to test for typhoid fever. All cases that used Azithromycin tabs the prescribed dose was 500mg of which 2 cases their dose duration was 3 days and 3 used the dose duration of 5 days. Similarly all the cases where Ciprofloxacin tabs 500mg was the dose, where 26 cases used 10 days as the dose duration and 7 used 14 days as the dose duration. Whereas for Amoxicillin capsules 11 case files used a dose of 500mg and 5 used a dose lg, 6 cases used a dose duration of 5 days, 8 used a dose duration of 10 days and lastly 2 used a dose duration of 14 days. 3 cases that used Cefixine capsules used 1 g as their dose and 2 used 400mg as their dose, 4 used dose duration of 5 days and only 1 used a dose duration of 7 days. In conclusion, all medicines used by health workers that is Ciprofloxacin tablets, Amoxicillin capsules, Azithromycin tablets and Cefixine were recommended by WHO guidelines and UCG. The mostly used medicines was Ciprofloxacin tabs and Ciprofloxacin tablets was properly prescribed by mainly following UCG. Though tests used in diagnosis of typhoid fever that is WAT and RDT were neither recommended by WHO guidelines nor UCG. Regarding doses, all Azithromycin tabs doses were correctly prescribed though 80% of the dose duration's were not correct, Cefixine capsule was properly prescribed though 80% of duration's were wrong, Amoxicillin capsules doses was properly prescribed using UCG though 43.8% dose duration's were wrong according UCG.
A research submitted to School of Pharmacy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy at Kampala International University
Assessment of health workers' adherence, Standard treatment guidelines, Management of typhoid fever, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Uganda