The impact of financial account ability on growth of organizations in Uganda: a case study of national water and Sewerage Corporation main branch Kampala central

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Kampala international international: College of Economics and Management
This study was carried out to establish "The Impact of Financial Accountability on Growth of a Business" with specific • reference to National Water and Sewerage Corporation, (NWSC). The main objectives of the study were to; establish why and to whom businesses are accountable to, examine the principles of accountability that compel business growth and find out the relationship between financial accountability and business growth. To explore the objectives of the study, specific research methods were used to collect data. Descriptive and cross-sectional methods were used and the clients who totaled to 20 respondents. Data was collected using questionnaires and interviews Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to present and analyze data. The data was analyzed using percentages and frequency tables. Findings indicated that; NWSC embraced some of the accountability guidelines for instance the recent introduction of the One-Minute Management concept is another useful ingredient of accountability. However, NWSC still needs to carry out many more initiatives to sustain and further improve its viability and service delivery to its esteemed customers. From the discussion of results, financial accountability measures were leading indicators of customer purchase behavior, increase in the number of customers and accounting performance. There was need to sensitize customers on issues such as; water saving tips, dangers of illegal connections and new connections procurers daily and disseminate brochures to Customers. Awareness conducted and brochures issued. The study recommended that: NWSC must continuously improve the quality of water effluent to meet National Standard. Further still, NWSC should enhance customer care by reducing response time to reported complaints to 6 hours for better accountability and transparency.
A research dissertation submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of the bachelors degree of business administration {accounting and finance) of Kampala international university
Business administration, Financial accountability, Growth, Organizations, national water and Sewerage Corporation, Kampala central