Financial analysis and performance and position of a Firm Case study: Uchumi supermarket limited (Nairobi)

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Kampala international International, College of Economics and Management
The study was conducted to determine the relationship of financial analysis and financial performance and position of the firm. The study sought to determine how Ratios and financial statements could be used to interpret the position and performance of a firm. Interviews helped the researcher to collect the necessary data from management that could not be obtained through the questionnaires. The data was mainly collected using questionnaire and interviews methods and analyzed using ratio analysis techniques to show if there is any relationship between financial analysis and performance and position of affirm. From the analysis, it was found that there is a significant relationship between these variables different ratios: Liquidity. Profitability, Gearing, Activity, and financial statements under period of study showed the declining performance of Uchumi and finally collapse. It was therefore concluded that there are some factors, other than ratio analysis, which are affecting form’s performance significantly and should be taken into consideration in the financial analysis of firm. Was then recommended that extra efforts and emphasis should be put on analysis of the performance of the economy, where companies should include Z - score to predict whether the company will go into bankruptcy and also an international standard of ratio analysis should established
The research project submitted to the School of Business and Management for the Partial fulfillment and Award of Bachelor Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International university
Business administration, Financial analysis, Performance, Firm, Uchumi supermarket limited, Nairobi