An Investigation of Risk Factors for Repeated Child Abuse of Kaliiro Sub-County, Lyantonde District Southern Central Uganda.

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The main goal of the study was to investigate the risk factors at different levels are associated with repeated child abuse, Kaliiro sub county in Lyatonde district. The study involved 100 respondents at Kanoni village who were parents, caregivers and other people within the community. The respondents had the age from 20 years old and above and who expected to have a parenting role at the time of study. Face to face interview was administered to these respondents through survey held house to house. 100 % of the respondents had knowledge on child abuse, 51% of the respondents said that child abuse occurs at home, 63% of the respondents said beating a child who misbehaves is a common child abuse in the West District. 65% of the school children who fill questionnaires responded that they were beaten using stick by their parents and care givers as a punishment when they misbehaved, 16% of the school children witnessed their fellow children married at the age of 15. The study concluded that parents, care givers and other people in the Kaliiro Subcounty have adequate knowledge on child abuse. Parents, caregivers and other people in the Kaliiro Subcounty practice all forms of child abuse to their children. People’s attitudes and practices on child abuse are greatly influenced by Uganda culture. The study recommended the following as a measure to control child abuse in the Lyatonde District; Uganda government to take a leading role in protecting abused children in Uganda including the Lyatonde District, education on child abuse to be given to children and community, the mass media be enabled and equipped to spearhead the spread of education on child abuse and its impact on children, the household and community in general. Further researches are need on various aspects of child abuse in Uganda (including Kaliiro).
A Thesis Submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Impartial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University.
Risk Factors, Child Abuse, Southern -Central Uganda