Some factors affecting school administration under free primary education in Mfangano division, Mbita district, Nyanza province of Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The research was concerned with some factors affecting School Administration under Free Primary Education in Mfangano division, Mbita District, Nyanza Province - Kenya. The study identified the factors, their impacts and the measures of solving them. Using a cross-sectional survey research design, the samples employed in the study were got from the F.P.E Schools. The researcher made use of the questionnaire technique with the aid of focus group discussions to collect data. The data was categorized through the use of descriptive statistics with the aid of frequencies, percentages and central tendencies. The major findings of the study were leading and managing change as a stressing factor to school administrators, delegation of responsibilities, and lack of accountability of funds, administrative and social relationships. Recommendations included; the need for school administrators to be trained and equipped with management skills to be able to handle and address specific challenges, a need on the part of education colleges to train future school administrators on how they can overcome day to day administrative challenges and above all, the need on the part of government to lobby for more financial support from both internal and external sources to supplement their financial base and allocations to the education ministry.
A research report submitted to the College of Education Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment the requirements for the award of the Bachelor of Degree in Special Needs Education of Kampala International University
school administration, primary education, Mfangano division, Mbita district