Customer service and customer retention in organization case study: Shell Uganda limited

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
This report focuses on the relationship between customer service strategy and customer retention in organizations. The study first broadly reviews the concepts of customer service and customer retention. Against the hypothesis that customer service is the key driver of customer retention, the study highlights the key components of customer service and how each of these components enhances customer retention in organizations. A review of existing Literature and analysis of works from journals, textbooks, published studies, internet and previous research reports reveals that indeed there is a positive correlation between customer service and customer retention in most sales and service organizations. However, this study furthers existing literature by introducing a third dimension of the further linkage between customer service and customer retention, and how this affects organizational profitability. The research findings confirm that there is a relationship between customer service and customer retention although customer service is not the only driver of customer retention. The findings also confirm that customer retention can be a key driver of company profitability given the right customer service and retention strategies. The study builds a business case for adopting optimal customer services strategies that can lead to customer retention and sites several examples of world class organization whose success has been built on the hallmark of customer service. The study recommends that in an error of technological flux, which has led to little product differentiation, organizations can only offer differentiation through quality customer service. The study concludes that in future Customer Service will be the hallmark of successful organizations.
A graduation project report submitted to the faculty of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of requirements for the Award of Degree of Bachelors of Business Administration Of Kampala International University
Business administration, Customer service, Customer retention, Organization, Shell Uganda limited