Environment Management Accounting and Financial Performance in Uganda; A Case of Hima Cement Limited

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study sought to examine environmental management accounting and financial performance in Uganda: A case study of Hima Cement Limited. The study objectives were; to determine the relationship between environmental accounting information and the perceived financial performance of Hima Cement Limited, to determine the relationship between compliance of environmental reporting laws and perceived financial performance of Hima Cement Limited and to determine the relationship between tracking of environmental cost saving and perceived financial performance of Hima Cement Limited. The study adopted correlational research design. The qualitative approach was used to collect and analyze data on the study topic. This design was used because it brought out clearly the relationship between the two variables, the study was specifically non-experimental because the researcher wanted to describe and make observations of what the real results would be for purposes of making decisions based on the facts to improve the situation. The target population was 100 and it comprised of staff and members of Hima Cement Ltd. These included 5 Accounting officers, 4 Marketing officers, 8 Operations staff, 10 Field officers, 2 Business Development officers, 3 Top authorities of Hima Cement Ltd and 68 Clients of Hima Cement Ltd. The rational was that all the above are stakeholders. The sample size of the study consists of 80 of target population and was determined through purposive and random sampling methods. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources using questionnaires and interviews. After collecting data, the researcher organized well-answered questionnaire, data was edited and sorted for the next stage. The data was presented in tabular form, pie charts and bar graphs with frequencies and percentages. The study found out that the responses show that 52 (77.6%) respondents were male and the 15 (22.4%) were females. This shows that the number of males were higher than that of females. This shows that there is gender discrimination in the study area. It was concluded that there is a positive significant relationship between environmental accounting information and financial performance of Hima Cement Ltd. (r=0.465, p<O.OS). This indicated by Pearson correlation of 0.465 and significance of 0.000 and this rejects hypothesis and thus positive significant relationship. The study recommends that it is necessary that all the stakeholders (including investors and other interest groups like research students) are provided with all information regarding the activities of the company. This can be by way of weekly bulletins, worker education, stakeholder seminars and company management participation in public talk shows.
A Research Report Submitted to The College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance) Of Kampala International University
Environment Management, Financial Performance