Teaching materials and academic performance of learners of religious education in Kampala International University, Uganda

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Kampala International University,school of Postgraduate studies and research
The title of the study was Educational resources and students’ performance in Religious studies in Kampala International University. It was guided by these four objectives: (i)to determine the profile of the respondents in respect to age, gender, and nationality ii) Determine the level of Academic Resources iii)determine the level of students’ performance, iv) the relationship between The extent of Academic resources and level of students’ performance.The study used co relational descriptive survey research design. The study sample was 136. consisting of all the students in the Department of religious studies KI.U.
A Thesis Presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Kampala International University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts in Education Administration and Management
Teaching materials, Academic performance, Learners of religious education, Kampala International University, Uganda