Design and implementation of an online phonebook System: case study MTN-Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
In the wake of mobile telephony, online systems that support data backup of personal information (i.e. Telephone numbers, names, and SMS messages) stored on the SIM card and in the memory of the mobile phone onto a remote data server need to be considered. This serves as insurance for losing this information by accident. This project is aimed at designing online phone book system that can be accessed anytime and anywhere irrespective of geographic as well as space limitations. It consists of a database driven website that stores members phone book contacts. The system has been developed using PHP and MySQL server. The system allows members to add contacts to their phone books and provides them with search and edit options. Further research in this area is encouraged to integrate voice recognition service into the system as well as automatic retrieval of backed up contacts to enable recovery of phone book contacts and detail without the use of cable wire.
A project report submitted to the school of computer studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of bachelor of computer science and bachelor of information technology of Kampala international University
Online phonebook System, MTN-Uganda