Assessment of factors associated with late antenatal care attendance among pregnant women at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital Ishaka Bushenyi

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
BACKGROUND. Early initiation of antenatal care visits is an essential component of services to improving maternal and new born health. The Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (UBOS, 2007, UDHS, 2006) conducted in 2006 and Uganda Bureau of Statistics conducted in 2007 indicated that 94% of women in rural areas being twice less likely to attend ANC than the urban women, only 8% of rural women in Uganda received ANC from a doctor. However, detailed study to identify factors associated with late initiation of care has not been conducted in KIU-teaching hospital. The aim of this study is to assess the factors associated with late ANC care attendance and to determine the proportion of women who attend late to ANC in KIU-teaching hospital. Methods: The study design will be cross-sectional, the study Participants will be pregnant women, nurses, administrators doctors; it will be conducted at Kampala international teaching hospital for a period of one month. Data was collected using pre-tested questionnaire and interview method. Logistic regression analysis was done to identify factors associated with late first ANC with the level of significance set at 0.056. Results: A total of 156 women participated in the study; 100 (64.1%) of them came for their first ANC visit late, after 12 weeks of gestation. Most common reasons for coming late for first ANC were financial constraints (38.5%, 60) and long distance to the hospital (34.5%, 45). Factors associated with late start of first ANC, Traditional beliefs (25, 22.9%), Myths and misconceptions (05, 14.3%), Ignorance (02, 11.4%), Age (04, (17.1%), Conclusion: About half of pregnant women do not start ANC early in the first trimester largely due to large family size, low monthly income and long distance to the hospital, age, alternatives, poor quality of services, harassments from health workers. Keywords: Antenatal care, Late ANC, focused groups, attendees.
A research report submitted to the Department Of Clinical Medicine And Community Health in partial fulfilment for the requirement of award of a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health of Kampala International University
Late antenatal care, Pregnant women, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Ishaka Bushenyi